Padmanabhapuram Palace, Thuckalay -one of the largest WOODEN PALACES IN ASIA

Every moment inside the Kottaram ( palace ) seemed like a conversation with history. It was a real royal splendour. If you are a keen lover of art and architecture you could not afford to miss this magnificent wooden palace sprawling over 6.5 acres of land inside the Padmanabhapuram Fort with 108 huge distinctly made rooms.

Though the palace is situated in the district of Tamil Nadu, the land and the palace belongs to Kerala.

The palace was constructed around 1601 AD by Iravipillai Ravivarma Kulasekhara Perumal who ruled Venad state between 1592 AD and 1609 AD.



This lamp is a curio and can be seen at the portico of the palace and is hung on the wooden roof of the palace. It has a mechanism which enables it to rotate 360 degree. You just have to turn it to that direction which you want to illuminate.


An inside view of the palace.


This is called ‘Sapramanjam’,the cot used by Kings and is made of more than 68 Ayurveda herbs ( medicinal plants).


King Marthandavarma built ‘Navarathri Mandapam’ in 1744 AD. The dance floor was polished to such a perfection that it looked like a mirror and is known as ‘ Kannadithara or Mirror floor’.


This cage is called ‘ Chithravadhakkoodu’

The reign of Travancore rulers saw severe punishments meted out to those who committed crimes and the punishment was much worse if anybody had killed a Brahmin or had committed treason. They were forced to ‘Chithravadham’ or gradual death.

The accused would be put in this cage and it will be put in an open place like  junctions, marketplaces or such other crowded places. Not only rain and sun they had to endure but also the attacks by crows or vultures eventually, pushing them to resign to their fate. He would not be offered a morsel of food  nor a drop of water through these entire terrible ordeal.

The cage would be erected 10 to 12 feet high from the ground level. This type of punishments were practiced in Travancore and Cochin state till British took over.


It took almost three hours to complete visiting the palace. The palace is an absolute delight for a photographer and will have to pay a minimal amount of money for using camera inside the palace.

Mondays are closed and on other days the palace is opened from 9.30 am till 4 pm. 

Nearest railway station: Eraniel, which is approximately 5 km from Thuckalay.  Nearest airport: Trivandrum International Airport, 52 km away.

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