‘ Puzhayoram’, a roadside eatery at Thrissur where you can taste authentic Kerala food and that too for reasonable price.

In Kerala, the South West Monsoon had already arrived and it was raining heavily, most of the time. But, on that  Saturday evening, when I started off to ‘ Puzhayoram’, a roadside eatery shop in Puzhaikkal, Thrissur, the torrential rain had subsided a little. Even then, the sky was laden with clouds as if it would pour down any moment. Perhaps, it’s the long trailing of clouds in the sky and the drizzle that added more charm while travelling towards my destination which is located near Puzhaikkal river.

As I moved along the vast stretch of ‘Kole’ wetlands on either side of the road offered a visual fiesta.

‘Kole’ wetlands

‘ Kole’ is a Malayalam word and these wetlands are one of the largest and highly productive collection of paddy fields in Kerala. It can meet 40% of Kerala’s rice requirements. Besides, being a bird watcher’s paradise, it also acts as the natural drainage system for Thrissur city.


When I reached my destination, two things perplexed me. Firstly, the backdrop of the shop and secondly, the shop itself as there was nothing but a roof made of tarpaulin with some stools and small tables underneath it.DSCN3809

And it was totally incredible to know that people from all strata of society especially families, frequent the place quite often and everyday around 120 meals gets sold which costs just Rs 50 and even a plate of fish fry cost just Rs 50. And quality is definitely not compromised.

The meals would get over by 2 pm and they will get some recess and by 4 pm, it’s time to start making arrangements for other heavy snacks such as Chappathi, Kappa etc.IMG_20180609_171543The shop is run by Sujesh and Sandeep with the help of their eminent cook Vijayan who is fondly called as ‘ Dosa Master’.  Vijayan who had vast experience as a cook hardly limit himself to cooking alone.

“ I do not restrict myself to cooking alone. I do any jobs that come on my way and make this shop work.”

Sujesh & Vijayan

Just a year and a half ago, Sujesh met with an accident and one of his legs had to be amputated. Future seemed bleak and it was then, Sandeep, one of his neighbours and friend approached him with the idea to start a small scale shop and Sujesh jumped at the proposal.

Vijayan who had immense experience in cooking also came along to assist them with his culinary skills. And to my surprise, he single-handedly cooks all the below-mentioned items.

1.Kappa 2. Kerala Porotta 3. Chappathi 4. Ghee Roast 5. Masala Dosa 6. Kothuporotta


Special Items

1. Fish – different varieties 2. Chicken 3. Pork 4. Beef 5. Mutton 6. Aadu thala 7. Crab roast 8. Kakkayirachi 9. Kallummakkaya 10. Aattin Thala 11. Kadamutta 12. Kada Fry and many more…


“ Many families come here and that’s our strength,” Sujesh says. Right then, I saw some families arrive in their cars. While some prefer to sit there and eat some chose parcels.

I have always been a big fan of Crab roast and naturally I ordered for it along with ‘ Kappa’, chicken curry, chappathi and also ‘ Chukku’ ( dry ginger) Kappi. ( You only get chukku kappi which is healthy and no usual tea and coffee). Crab roast was spicy and delicious.

I bid them adieu after spending an hour and a half there…

Before I conclude, I loved the spicy crab roast and the chicken curry and I will gladly give them 10/10 for the quality and taste.

Name of the raod side eatery shop : Puzhayoram

Exact Location : Poonkunnam – Kuttur MLA road, Near Paalakuzhi Palam, Thrissur, Kerala.

Contact Number : 953961580 ( Jayesh), 9961833580

For your information: Thrissur is the cultural capital of Kerala

Do not miss this small eatery shop at Thrissur

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