Am I a “Solo Traveller” ? Have I been able to shatter my fears of travelling alone?

I was 15 years old when I had my first long journey to Padmanabhapuram Palace, Thuckalay and Kanyakumari. Though it only took nine hours to reach there, it looked like days to me before we arrived at our first destination. Prior to it, I haven’t travelled anywhere. I always wished, if my relatives’ houses were a bit far away so that, I could go and see those places. Alas! It was not.

Hence, there’s no big surprise that my travel to Kanyakumari turned out to be the longest one.

I travelled with my family and relatives. But to my utter shock, the trip did not turn out to be as wonderful as I thought.

I saw the beautiful sun rise and the sun set at Kanyakumari. But they couldn’t charm me. Travel should free your spirit but I hardly felt so.

Something was lacking. But, looking back, I felt it might be the wrong choice of company/ accommodation. It would have been nice, if my family travelled alone and also chose a good accommodation for the same. All these experiences did not offer me a beautiful picture about travelling.

Perhaps, it might have been those awkward memories that deterred me even from thinking about travelling.

When I became a journalist, my work took me to various places. I travelled just because I had to work. That was it.

Time flew by. And years after, one fine morning, I stumbled upon a travel blog called The Shooting Star and it just blew me away. Slowly, I began enjoying the virtual tours but I never thought of travelling until my profession abruptly stopped inspiring me to get up and do the job which I always thought was my life and my passion.

Now, I believe that either I was destined to travel or because my perspectives have drastically changed about anything and everything that I suddenly started thinking that only travelling could retain my sanity.

At Padmanabhapuram Palace, Thuckalay

And what a wonderful coincidence was that I chose to travel to Padmanabhapuram Palace, Thuckalay -one of the largest WOODEN PALACES IN ASIAand Kanyakumari to begin travelling again. This time, everything was different.

I was just awed by the splendour of the palace and the tranquility offered by the Kanyakumari sea. I couldn’t see the sunset and sunrise. But my heart was brimming with happiness and I could hear my own voice that I should come here again and again.
That was the beginning. I am of course a budding traveller. But am I a solo traveller?

I am yet to be one. For, something is preventing me from venturing out alone  and I realised that it’s just the sheer fear of travelling alone.

Thankfully, that fear did not stop me from travelling as I got company in one way or the other and they too offered beautiful experiences.

I kicked off my life as a budding traveller with a friend of mine. If my first travel changed my perspective about life, the second trip to Shravanabelaglola, Hasan, Karnataka made my life.

Then the next trip to visit Shakthan Thampuran Palace , Thrissur with my father made me realise that he too enjoyed travelling. On top of it, he enjoyed our small trip to the core.

Then when the opportunity to travel to Chellanam came along, I somehow mustered courage and it was then a friend of mine who told me that she too wanted to come along and I couldn’t deny.

After our trip to Chellanam, Ernakulam she was beaming with joy with her newfound experiences and that made my day too.

Hence, the question I ask myself is when am I going to travel alone.

At Shravanabelagola, Hasan Karnataka

“Would love to hear your feedback and suggestions”

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4 thoughts on “Am I a “Solo Traveller” ? Have I been able to shatter my fears of travelling alone?”

  1. I do not know whether you are a solo traveller or one with company. But your posts breathe the life of the place you visit, most of them lesser known places in Kerala.
    I personally would like to travel in company of those who are dear to me and who have a yen for travel and zest for seeing new places.

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