My ‘Sushi’ Experience in Kochi

It’s not hard to find a Chinese restaurant in Kochi. But finding a Japanese restaurant is definitely, a strenuous task. Hence, I felt rather elevated when I found that District 7, a restaurant at Vyttila in Kochi serves ‘ Sushi’.

Did you hear that? ‘ Sushi’ in Kochi and that too a stone’s throw away from where I stay. Hurrah! The moment I came to know about it, I just dashed off to the restaurant, one fine Friday evening. ( Because it is served every Fridays from 7pm till 3 am)

I already knew that raw fish is used inside the dish. When I heard that they are serving chicken Sushi, I decided to go for ‘Boom Boom Chicken Sushi’ thinking raw chicken is much better than raw fish.


But to my surprise, the meat was cooked. It might be because they knew that Malayalis ( natives of Kerala ) are not used to raw meat. And that can restrain them from tasting this delicacy. And I also knew that the outer covering is a seaweed. Malayalis are not accustomed to such things. But all those things hardly mattered when you are all set to taste it.
Though I have never tried eating with a chopstick before, I could easily eat Sushi with it. Thanks to the ASMR vlogs, I constantly watch. It’s these vlogs which made me try Sushi. Rice is another important ingredient in Sushi.


Sushi is served along with light pink coloured ‘Pickled Ginger’, Soya sauce and a little bit of salad. If I have understood it correctly, pickled ginger is made after slicing it into very thin strips which are then prepared using sea salt, vinegar and a bit of sugar. It was really tasty.


I went along with my friends. Though my taste buds were all set to tackle the new tastes, theirs were not. Encouraged by the happy expression on my face after tasting one, they just dived into it just to realise that it was not what they expected from my happy face.

But I just loved it. The point is when you are all ready to experience something, nothing can thwart your experience.

I also tried Cranberry Mojito for the first time…Loved it, too


They also serve Sashimi. But I am yet to muster the courage to taste such a thick raw flesh.

“ Like me, I am sure different people across the world have their own first Sushi eating experience. Would you mind sharing your experience with me?”

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Pathiramanal Island and Vaidyar’s Kada – Alappuzha

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