Sometimes it’s the journey than the destination that excites you the most. My travel to KANYAKUMARI

Sometimes, rather than the destination, it’s the sheer joy of coming across unexpected sights along the way that makes your travel eventful. Before I proceed further, let me tell you that this post will always be close to my heart for Kanyakumari was the first place I thought of travelling to when I began to firmly believe that only ‘travelling’ could retain my sanity.

Though decided to travel, not in the wildest of my dreams had I thought of becoming a travel blogger. Still, I chronicled it and it became handy when I decided to be a travel blogger.

Visiting Kanyakumari was an accidental decision. One fine morning, I felt like I should start travelling just because I thought that it could retain my sanity.  I was yet to know the real benefits of travelling, then.

Since I have a love for history and palaces, the first choice was Sree Padmanabhapuram Palace at Thuckalay, one of the largest wooden palaces in Asia and then Kanyakumari. I was living in Thiruvananthapuram, then and the palace was just two hours away from it.

I didn’t know then that when you travel, you have to let yourself experience the feel of travelling, the place and all those other things that you come across. Unfortunately, I went there with the mind of a journalist who was always searching for something newsworthy. That’s fine, for you learn from your mistakes. The most important thing was that my first travel only induced me to travel more.

The initial plan was to visit Udayagiri Fort and Peer Mohammed Dargah which were very near to Padmanabhapuram Palace. But, the plan had to be dropped as Kanyakumari beckoned me. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to reach Kanyakumari if I stop to visit Udayagiri Fort and Peer Mohammad Dargah. I planned it as a one day travel as I would be returning the same day.

Though I knew that neither would I be able to watch the sunset nor would I be able to make it to the Vivekananda rock, I set off to Kanyakumari.

As I already mentioned, sometimes it’s the travel than the destination the excites you the most. The travel becomes all the more fruitful when both excites you and gives memories to cherish.

It was around 4 pm. On the way, I saw women putting ‘ Kolam’ (a form of drawing drawn with rice flour) in front of their houses.

Kanyakumari 1

I stopped in front of a house to take a picture when I saw a young girl drawing Kolam. But she was too shy that my persistence to pose for the camera did not bear fruit. Luckily, her mother happily, did it for me. I could have taken more time to talk to the locals. Since it was my first time as a traveller, I think I was excited and a bit scared. 

Travelling through the National Highway was a smooth one with shady trees on either side of the road. The journey was uneventful until I reached here.

Kanya 2

There were small wooden cribs and pieces of red sarees tied down to the branches and aerial roots of a banyan tree. A small doll has been placed inside the cradle with many red glass bangles. Behind the tree, there was a small temple. As I stood transfixed by the whole scene, two women came along and I inquired about the temple and the cribs.

Kanya 3

Called as  Isakkaiamman Kovil, its main deity is  Isakki or Isakkai, a Hindu Goddess of South India. The worship of this Goddess is common in Kanyakumari, Tirunelveli and Salem districts of Tamil Nadu. Such temples usually have a banyan or Peepal tree close to the shrine.

Kanya 4

Wooden cribs and women’s sarees are vows made by village women who desire to have offspring.

Kanya 5
Just near to it, there is a roadside eatery. And, they were preparing something which I have n’t seen before They called it ‘ Rasakkolai ‘. I don’t know whether it is the correct pronunciation. It somewhat tasted like ‘ Yellow jalebi’ and was absolutely delicious.

After travelling a few kilometers, we reached ‘ Kanyakumari’. The sight of the sea from a farther distance was all alluring and inviting. It took 32 kilometers from Padmanabhapuram Palace, Thuckalay to reach Kanyakumari.

Eventually, when I arrived, I was dead tired and wanted to sit quietly and absorb all the tranquillity.  I sat there facing the Vivekananda rock. I was all calm. It was strange that I didn’t regret that I couldn’t see the Vivekananda rock. Because I know that I would come back.

After a few minutes, I decided to take a stroll along the beach. 

The premise was abuzz with activities and I was all pleased to capture them.

Kanya 7

Kanya 9

Kanya 8

I bought the pearl which I am wearing in this pic from a shop vendor. He really lured me saying the pearls would not even catch fire. He burned it in front of me and it was true.

Kanya 10

It was getting dark and was time to return.  With a heavy heart and a promise that I would be back soon, I bade goodbye to Kanyakumari.

And my belief that travel could really retain my sanity, strengthened.

PS: Kanyakumari was a part of Kerala till 1956. Now it’s in Tamil Nadu.

Nearest City – Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala ( 85 km )
Nearest Airport – Thiruvananthapuram International Airport ( 67 km)
Nearest Railway station – Kanyakumari Railway Station
Nearest City – Nagercoil

Tamilnadu and Kanyakumari Road Transport Corporation offers regular fleet of buses to all the major cities in South India.

” I have shared my first travel experience. Would love to know about your first travel experiences?”


2 thoughts on “Sometimes it’s the journey than the destination that excites you the most. My travel to KANYAKUMARI”

  1. My first travel experience I planned on my own was when I was 18. I wanted to see a concert in California, and I was living in Georgia. I booked the four hour flight and a cheap hotel room and convinced my college roommate to join me. It was wild because I learned that a cheap hotel does not guarantee a safe one!
    We explored LA by bus, stopping in various neighborhoods and eating great street food before going to the concert that night. This was before smartphones or gps, so I had to call the bus company to know all the stops and bus numbers to catch! It was incredible and terrifying for two small town girls in the massive city of LA. But it was definitely a learning experience.

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