This is where you get ‘ Keto Bomb ‘ in Kochi, Kerala.

It’s a car accessories’ shop in the morning and by night, a cafe which serves yummy food. Hence, ‘Night Chef’ became an obvious choice when we decided to hang out that night. We, eight girls went out that day to indulge in good food.

We also did not have to think twice as it was quite near to the place we lived and the concept behind the whole thing was too interesting to resist.5

When two youngsters  Mathew Pascal, a Roller Skating coach and Rony Pious, a content writer decided to start a cafe, they had one thing in their mind – to explore the possibility of National Highway, Vyttlla in Kochi.

Though there were Dominos and some other restaurants along the stretch of NH, it all lacked an elaborate space for families to come, conveniently sit and have food at a reasonable price.

Pascal owns a car accessories shop at Vyttila which has enough space at the front. It was then the idea struck that they would utilize that space and make it a temporary eating space after 8 pm.

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Rony Pious and Mathew Pascal

So, every day at 8 pm, the shutters of the car accessories shop is down with ‘Bon Appetit’ and ‘ Night Chef ’ written on them.

When we entered the cafe, there’s an English melody playing in the background. In no time, the place filled with families, couples and friends.

 ‘ Night Cafe’ that started two years back soon became a hit. “ Like everybody, we had initial apprehensions when we started off. But it soon grew as people flocked in. The business is profitable, as we own this space,” said Rony Pious.

Pascal’s mother Annie Pascal also comes to help them out.

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Keto Bomb

Speaking about the food, their trademark item is ‘ Keto Bomb’. We ordered it out of curiosity.

Pious told that they really sat, consulted and finally came out with this innovative food item which mostly has cheese, egg and chicken.

Keto Bomb is based on ‘ Keto diet’ which he explained thus, “ This diet gives 70% fat and 20% protein and a meagre only 10%  of carbohydrates to your body. Hence, when the body does not get enough carbohydrates, it makes use of the fat in the body. I am just explaining it in simple terms,” he said.

Their menu is fixed and if you ask me what I would prefer, I will go for ‘ Dragon Chicken, Keto bomb and Cheeze cake.

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PS: I have heard a few days ago that this cafe has been shut down.  But I really did not want to take down this post just because we friends had a good time.



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