About ME

Shalet Jimmy
in Traditional Kerala Attire ( Mundum Neryathum)

Eight years ago, I started my career as a journalist with a national daily – the New Indian Express. I have freelanced for other publications too.  And my work took me to different places.

But all those times, I had to be a spectator detached from the happenings to write the story as the primary duty of a reporter was to report things as it was. Though I enjoyed every bit of my profession for several years, one fine morning, I woke up with the realisation that I no longer cherish it and I needed a break – a break from the usual monotonous routine and a break to see places and write my heart out about them.

Though I began travelling, the thought of starting a blog to chronicle it never occurred to me. How could I not think about travel blogging as I had been a blogger for more than 10 years, writing about books?

I left Kerala and got shifted to a nearby South Indian state. It, then dawned on me that Kerala was such a beautiful place that many Keralites including me are not aware of its pregnant natural beauty, rich culture and tradition.

After two years, I decided to come back and get settled in Kochi, where I began working as a reporter with the sheer intention that I should travel the length and breadth of the state and bring out beautiful stories related to culture, art, travel and food.

And here I am…

I am a big time foodie too. Hence, I will also explore various Kerala cuisines.

At Padmanabhapuram Palace – My first trip as a traveller

Why did I choose Kerala?

Pic Courtesy: Wikimedia commons

Firstly, it is my native place and I am confident that I could present it to you with all its sensibilities intact.

Secondly, for travellers from within and outside Kerala, a bunch of known locations predefined on the travel map guide and previously explored at large by many others are readily available.

But it’s the unknown and the less traversed valleys, villages, gorges, hills and remote places which are untouched by urbanization and modern world interferences that catches the attention of a keen traveller. Like all places, Kerala also has many such idyllic places which are yet not vividly marked on maps, though Kerala is a state which gives a lot of significance to tourism.

It has 14 districts, each having a distinct culture of their own. Besides, Kerala is one such place in the country which has been bound together by food. 

By exploring Kerala, in a way, I am exploring myself, my roots and my identity.

Hence, this blog is an attempt to bring all the positive nuances of Kerala.

PS: Kerala also known as God’s own country is situated in the southwestern tip of Indian peninsula between the Arabian Sea in the west and the Western Ghats in the east Geographically, it’s a tropical region.