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13533289_1171015616252824_5338743673097662411_n (1)I am an award winning journalist who have worked as a Senior Reporter with the New Indian Express ( a noted national daily in India, Kerala edition), International Business Times ( an international online portal and contributed articles to Bfirst, a national online portal  and that makes me a published author.

I have compiled some of my published works in a blog called Shalet Jimmy

You can also take a quick look at my published works below:-

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Interview with Usha Nangiar, the proponent of Koodiyattam, One of India’s oldest living theatrical traditions which has been declared among the
‘ Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO
br 1
Book Review of C V Radhakrishnan’s book ‘ Agni’. He is India’s acclaimed writer


Interview with Justice late V R Krishna Iyer, who is known as the Bishmacharya of Indian Judiciary
express scribe
News appeared in The New Indian Express when I won BRAINS 2015 award