This is where you get ‘ Keto Bomb ‘ in Kochi, Kerala.

It’s a car accessories’ shop in the morning and by night, a cafe which serves yummy food. Hence, ‘Night Chef’ became an obvious choice when we decided to hang out that night. We, eight girls went out that day to indulge in good food. We also did not have to think twice as it was… Continue reading This is where you get ‘ Keto Bomb ‘ in Kochi, Kerala.

My ‘Sushi’ Experience in Kochi

It’s not hard to find a Chinese restaurant in Kochi. But finding a Japanese restaurant is definitely, a strenuous task. Hence, I felt rather elevated when I found that District 7, a restaurant at Vyttila in Kochi serves ‘ Sushi’. Did you hear that? ‘ Sushi’ in Kochi and that too a stone’s throw away… Continue reading My ‘Sushi’ Experience in Kochi